About Us

The bus terminal

The bus terminal Herceg Novi is located near the center of the Old town Herceg Novi and it is distanced only 450m from the main city harbor. This bus terminal goes way back, all the way to 1969 since it represents an important object for the city of Herceg Novi and its surroundings. Today, the new bus terminal is located at the same location and it was completely re-designed and renovated to be able to offer the best service to its users. The bus terminal Herceg Novi works every day from 5 am till midnight, and in that period passengers can buy tickets, reserve tickets, find out the information about the arrival and the departure schedules, etc. Our kind and professional employees are here for you, every day, available behind the ticket counters, and also over the

phone via number: +382 (0)31 321 225, and also via e-mail:info@autobuskahercegnovi.com. The bus terminal at Herceg Novi is an extremely important transition starting point, because of the geographical location of Herceg Novi. Herceg Novi is a city that is located at the strategically important, and attractive part of Montenegro, in the middle between the highest mountain of the Dinara territory- Orjen(1895m), and the entrance of one of the most beautiful bay’s in the world - the bay of Kotor. The Herceg Novi is extremely well connected via roads with every part of the country of Montenegro. And our bus terminal connects them all. It’s important to mention that our bus terminal is located near the country border with Croatia, and the town of Dubrovnik, where the international airport Ćilipi is located. Every day the airport Ćilipi welcomes and flies out passengers from all over the world and to all the major international airports. The main activities and services of the bus terminal Herceg Novi are: passenger transportation, welcoming the arrivals of buses, luggage, selling bus tickets, reservation of seats in buses, the services of informing the passengers, services of securing and storing luggage, car parking services for personal cars and sending the packages via the bus. The locations that serve as the main execution point for the primary and the secondary services and activities are completely renovated and designed according to the best practices and standards in the transportation industry. Passengers and users have a lot of available places for rest, refreshments, shopping and fun. In order to accommodate every passenger and visitor, all areas of our bus terminal are adapted and designed with people with special needs in mind. Also, our personnel is always available to all our passengers if they experience any problems. So if you experience any problem, inconvenience or you have a question, talk to our employees. They will gladly be of help.

Our mission

Our mission is a combination of a few different goals, which all lead to a situation where the services our bus terminal offers are on an enviable level. A level of service that will enable new experiences to our users and a fresh perspective towards service industry in Montenegro. These goals show who we are as a company and what we stand for.


Improving our interpersonal relationships inside our company is something that we all pay attention to and in what we invest great efforts. We maintain our interpersonal relationships by continuously questioning and improving mutual communication and trust, by tracking the following items:

Integrity - We value honesty so we stand behind everything we say and we try to be in-line with everything we believe in. We are contributing to diversity and acceptance to differences, by individually contributing to new interests, new skills, new knowledge, and we spend much time in communication about these solutions. This, as a result, deepens our mutual trust. It’s a well-known fact that you can’t trust someone if you don’t believe they have integrity.
Intent - The intent of our employees is an everyday topic in our company. Every member of our team must have trust in the intentions of his /her co-workers before they can believe them. Among ourselves, we are communicating about the deviations from the chosen tasks, we are suggesting changes whenever we have the knowledge that will improve our service and our business and we are mutually pointing at everyone's shortcomings and praising each other's virtues. In the case, we spot a shortcoming, every one of us presents a possible solution. How else to achieve a positive change?
Capabilities - Our employees possess numerous talents, attitudes, skills, and knowledge. Continuous education, communication and mutual help in accomplishing new skills and knowledge are crucial for excellent customers relationships and excellence business wise.
Results - Results are the main goal of many companies, but among the employees of the bus terminal at Herceg Novi, the results represent only the benefit which comes after hard work, lot of effort, mutual help and encouragement. We look at the results as individual records of performance of every member of the team, so we consider them team victories, in a field in which we love to work, and which we do best.

Our employees

Our employees are at the foundation of every successfully accomplished task and project, so it is evident that the management of the bus terminal Herceg Novi is dedicated to teamwork, and continuous motivation for our employees. Stimulative management of employees of the bus terminal Herceg Novi is the secret of excellence and success. The professional relationship towards customers, employees, work tasks, projects, and daily tasks is under the leadership of the head team, with mister Stanko Vidaković at the head as the director of the bus terminal in Herceg Novi. The director of the bus terminal has earned his experience and knowledge during many years working in the company that has bought, redesigned and improved the main terminal in Herceg Novi. The management team of the company is influencing, in a stimulating way, by its directions, the quality and the commitment, flawless work by continuous development and investing in education and the professional orientation of its employees. All of that results in shared responsibility and acknowledgment for tasks finished with excellent results. Above all else, it’s pretty evident how the bus terminal Herceg Novi, as the basis puts continuous improvement of its services so that every user of the terminal, every passenger, and every citizen of Herceg Novi may enjoy an excellent service.

The personnel of the bus terminal Herceg Novi wishes you enjoyable and happy travels