Bus terminal Herceg Novi – timetable

Bus terminal Herceg Novi – timetable


Bus terminal Herceg Novi – timetable The Herceg Novi bus timetable is precisely defined and properly emphasized timetable for every bus transportation provider that conducts the transportation services of passengers to and from Herceg Novi.

The arrivals and the departures at the bus terminal Herceg Novi are happening every day according to the official timetable for every arrival and outward destination.

The timetable gives passengers the information about the time periods in which the bus traffic is being conducted, but if we take into a consideration the road conditions, the weather forecast, eventual changes on the roads that are under construction, etc, a smaller and bigger delays are possible, but the passengers will be informed on time.

The information on arrivals and departures on our website are being updated every day, so the timetable of the bus terminal Herceg Novi is always precise and correct.

All bus transportation providers that use the bus terminal Herceg Novi as their arrival point, final destination or just as a stopping station are required to be parked at least 15 minutes before the departure, according to the official timetable, so we suggest to our passengers to be on the terminal from which their bus leaves, at the same time period.

Herceg Novi – Podgorica, timetable

The departures on the bus route toward the capital city of Montenegro - Podgorica are frequent and they happen according to the official timetable. Considering that people use this bus line to travel often to their jobs and universities, 27 bus lines have been set for the departures on the bus line Herceg Novi-Podgorica. The first bus for Podgorica leaves at 4:20 AM, while the last evening bus leaves at 7:45 PM. According to the demand, between the first and the last departure for Podgorica, there is a bus every 30 minutes from Herceg Novi to Podgorica.

Herceg Novi - Kotor, timetable

Just like in a case for Podgorica bus line, the departures on the bus line Herceg Novi-Kotor start at 4:20 AM. The last bus in the direction of Kotor from the bus terminal Herceg Novi leaves at 6:20 PM. During the day 25 more departures are scheduled for the trip from Herceg Novi to Kotor.

Herceg Novi – Budva, timetable

The bus line Herceg Novi - Budva is the most frequent bus line because this line has 35 departure times scheduled for trips to Budva. The first bus from Herceg Novi in the direction of Budva leaves at 4:20 AM and the last one leaves at 7:45 PM.

Herceg Novi – Beograd, timetable

There are 7 bus lines per day scheduled for the route Herceg Novi - Belgrade. The first bus for the capital of Serbia leaves at 7:00 AM and the last one leaves at 9:00 PM.

Herceg Novi – Dubrovnik, timetable

According to the timetable for this bus line, the first bus for Dubrovnik leaves at 9:30 AM, while the last leaves at 9:00 PM. The bus line Herceg Novi - Dubrovnik is used most often by passengers that travel in the direction Herceg Novi - Ćilipi because the airport Ćilipi is a starting airport for many European flights, so the guests of Herceg Novi most often arrive and take off using this airport. It is important to mention that the distance between Herceg Novi and airport Ćilipi is around 27 km.

Herceg Novi – Novi Sad, timetable

The bus line Herceg Novi - Novi Sad transports passengers 3 times every day, according to the timetable. The first departure from Herceg Novi starts at 5:40 PM. Other 2 bus lines leave at 7 PM and 8 PM.