Rent a bike Montenegro

Rent a bike Montenegro

Rent a bike service is becoming more and more sought after, and you can also make it happen at the bus terminal Herceg Novi. The tourist agency Montenegro Holiday DMC has actively contributed towards the popularization of bike transportation in Montenegro. The process of renting a bike is simpler than ever. It’s a well-known fact that the bike is, as opposed to cars, motorcycles, and busses extremely ecologically acceptable way of transportation, which doesn’t require any type of fuel, apart from the muscles of the person riding it.The bike is very useful in an active and healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t contaminate the environment or air and maybe the biggest advantage is its mobility. You don’t need a parking space for a bike.

Traffic jams and holds are not important for cyclists who can move quickly on the roads and sidewalks (with careful riding and thoughtfulness towards pedestrians), and reach their destinations quickly. Let’s not forget how the best way to explore a new destination is by bike.

Use the rent a bike service to explore Herceg Novi and its outback, enjoy the hidden lagoons and beaches of Kotor Bay and explore the hidden beauties of its surroundings in a new way. The rent a bike service is very affordable which is very important for the users.

We offer all kinds of bikes for rent, from standard to sport bikes, and the novelty is more and more prevalent electric bikes.

A remark: you can use rent a bike service on the whole territory of Montenegro, with a prior inquiry.

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