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The primary services of the bus terminal Herceg Novi are the transportation of passengers to and from Herceg Novi, the reception of busses of all transportation providers and sales and reservations of the tickets.

Herceg Novi bus terminal accommodates thousands of passengers on a daily basis, especially during the summer season when the fluctuation of passengers and bus lines doubles.

Bus terminal Herceg Novi is one of the crowdiest bus terminals in Montenegro because of its geographical position and the proximity to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In order to keep our services of the best quality, our personnel continuously works on refinement, and betterment of our services, all in the name of quality of service for our passengers and the users of other services.

Within the bus terminal, there are air-conditioned waiting areas, the tourist agency “ Montenegro Tourist DMC” a wardrobe, a public toilet, parking spaces for personal cars and buses, a coffee bar, the Western Union (service for electronic money transactions), ATM machines and the casino “Volcano”.

Among the all listed services, it’s important to mention that we also offer other types of services: sending of packages via the bus – this service costs only 1€.

Purchase of tickets at Herceg Novi bus terminal

Purchasing of tickets is an experience that often takes too much time. Our professional personnel is here to help you during your ticket purchasing process, to ensure that everything goes smoothly and effortlessly. While purchasing a ticket, it’s important to emphasize the final destination and the time of the arrival and the departure. As we already mentioned, during the summer season the fluctuation of passengers is at its peak, so we advise you to buy, or reserve your tickets on time. Usually, it’s possible to reserve a ticket up to an hour before the departure of the bus, but because of the high influx of tourists in Herceg Novi, we advise you to reserve or buy your tickets at least 3-5 days before the trip.

Bus terminal Herceg Novi is the destination from which, or through which the majority of buses pass, in the direction of the cities of Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Germany, so in the case when you are not able to find the information on the bus for your desired location, we suggest that you send us a query using the contact form on our website, call us on the number  +382 (0)31 321 225  or visit us in person at the bus terminal Herceg Novi. Our personnel will surely find an ideal solution to make your trip a wonderful experience.

For any other questions and information about the bus arrivals and departures, and timetables of Herceg Novi bus terminal, the duration of trips or terms for buying tickets, you can contact our staff every day from 05 AM – 12 PM.

In the case that you need to make changes to your reservations or tickets bought at the bus terminal Herceg Novi we kindly propose that you contact the ticket office, so we could make the necessary changes and fix the issue as soon as possible.


Transfers from the bus terminal Herceg Novi are one of the most frequently used services. These services are provided by the tourist agency “Montenegro Holiday DMC”, which apart from the transfer services provides all other tourist services like sales and reservations of flight tickets, finding of private and hotel accommodations, organization of private and group tours all across Montenegro and its surroundings. The service of transfers Herceg Novi provides transportation for all passengers and citizens.

In our agency, the transfer service is being organized according to the wishes of our users and we do it by travel cars, luxury cars, and vans.

For the transfers of up to 4 passengers, we use comfortable cars, while the organized transfers for smaller and bigger groups are done using comfortable and air-conditioned passenger vans. We also offer the service of luxury transfers for special occasions.

The luxury transfers are done using limousines and VIP vans.

At the bus terminal Herceg Novi you can book a transfer service to your desired location, whether in Montenegro or outside of Montenegro.

The most issues transfers in Montenegro are transfers to the airports: Herceg Novi-Tivat, Herceg Novi-Podgorica and Herceg Novi-Ćilipi (or better known as airport Dubrovnik), but we repeat, you can use transfer service for transport to any location you desire.

The transfer from the capital of Serbia, on the line Beograd-Herceg Novi is especially attractive during the summer months, so we advise to reserve this service at least a few days in advance.

A slight remark: For the transfers where crossing multiple country borders is necessary, you must have valid travel documentation (passport).

The price of transfer services depends on a few factors: the distance, the type of the vehicle and the wishes and the demands of passengers, but the starting price is 20€ per passenger. You can pay the service personally, face to face, in the agency office or in the vehicle. You can pay using cash or credit card. If you wish to pay with cash, pay attention that the official currency in Montenegro is euro.

All prices for transfer services are formed and based on the business politics of the organizer, so the claims and the complaints are not possible.

The passengers can get information and book their transfer in the tourist agency “Montenegro Holiday DMC”- at the address Dr. Jovana Bijelića No1, or over the phone at the number +382 (0)31 321 225, and also via email-

Rent a car Herceg Novi

Rent a car service in Herceg Novi is sought after during the whole year, but if we consider the fact that Herceg Novi is one of the favorite summer destinations in Montenegro, it’s not unusual that the rent a car service is most popular during the summer season.

You can rent a car at the bus terminal Herceg Novi on a daily, weekly and monthly basis at affordable prices. Our car fleet consists of higher tourist class. Every car comes equipped with a GPS system that enables passengers to arrive at their final destinations faster, safer and much cheaper.

Our car fleet consists of cars such as Mercedes Benz Vito, Skoda Octavia, Skoda Fabia, Seat Ibiza, Renault Megane, Renault Scenic, Renault Clio and many others, so we could offer to our users of rent a car service in Montenegro a wide array of cars perfectly suited for travel across Montenegro and outside of Montenegro.

All our cars come equipped with the “Kasko” insurance and they are regularly maintained and serviced. The reservations of rent a car service can be made every day at the tourist agency “Montenegro Holiday DMC” which is located at the bus terminal Herceg Novi, or via email:

The terms for rent a car service are 21 years of age, a valid drivers license and a money deposit, which serves as a protection in the case of damages done on the car and on the inside of the car. When we find no such damage, your deposit is being returned back to you or it gets counted towards the final price of the rent a car service.

Every vehicle comes with a full tank of gas, and it is expected from every user to return the car in the same condition. If the users return the car half empty, the price of the gas the users spent is counted towards the final price of the rent.

Also, besides the car, you can request additional and optional accessories, such as baby seats, roof racks, bike racks or additional winter equipment for the car.

The user is responsible for all parking and traffic tickets occurred during the rent period.

The price of a rent a car service depends on the class of the vehicle, the number of passengers and the duration of the rent period.

It’s important to mention that the prices for the long-term rent, for private and legal persons are made according to special terms- with the lesser monthly cost of the rent and with fixed mileage. The price of the vehicle involves the regular service and the option to switch vehicles in the case of a malfunction.

You can pay for the rent a car service with cash, with a credit card or online on the receipt of the tourist agency.

Rent a bike Crna Gora

Rent a bike service is becoming more and more sought after, and you can also make it happen at the bus terminal Herceg Novi. The tourist agency Montenegro Holiday DMC has actively contributed towards the popularization of bike transportation in Montenegro. The process of renting a bike is simpler than ever. It’s a well-known fact that the bike is, as opposed to cars, motorcycles, and busses extremely ecologically acceptable way of transportation, which doesn’t require any type of fuel, apart from the muscles of the person riding it.The bike is very useful in an active and healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t contaminate the environment or air and maybe the biggest advantage is its mobility. You don’t need a parking space for a bike.

Traffic jams and holds are not important for cyclists who can move quickly on the roads and sidewalks (with careful riding and thoughtfulness towards pedestrians), and reach their destinations quickly. Let’s not forget how the best way to explore a new destination is by bike.

Use the rent a bike service to explore Herceg Novi and its outback, enjoy the hidden lagoons and beaches of Kotor Bay and explore the hidden beauties of its surroundings in a new way. The rent a bike service is very affordable which is very important for the users.

We offer all kinds of bikes for rent, from standard to sport bikes, and the novelty is more and more prevalent electric bikes.

A remark: you can use rent a bike service on the whole territory of Montenegro, with a prior inquiry.

Luggage room - bus terminal Herceg Novi

Within the Herceg Novi bus terminal exists a luggage room for passengers and visitors. You can use this luggage room for passenger and other types of luggage while waiting for the bus from Herceg Novi, or in the case when you’ve visited Herceg Novi for only one day and you don’t want to carry the luggage on yourself as you’re exploring the city. The luggage room is located in our object and it’s secured by complete video surveillance that works 24/7, so the safety of your possessions is guaranteed. The price for using the luggage room is 2€ per day, and the maximum allowed weight of the luggage is 40kg, while the dimensions are not important.

Bus parking space Herceg Novi

There is also a bus parking space within the bus terminal Herceg Novi. The tourist buses that are visiting Herceg Novi or locations near Herceg Novi are allowed to stay in the parking space for a shorter time period, for a price of 5€, while the parking on the bus platform for tourist buses costs 10€ per hour.

Parking space for personal cars

You can find a parking space for personal cars near the bus terminal. The parking space at the bus terminal is secured with a 24/7 video surveillance and it’s the safest parking space in the city. The price is 10€ per day, so it’s the most affordable parking space in Herceg Novi.

Coffee bar at the bus station Herceg Novi

The coffee bar at the bus terminal is an ideal place to kill the time while waiting or to get refreshment after a long drive. The coffee bar offers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as a variety of food, which is a very important service for every passenger. The coffee bar is opened from 05 AM till 12 PM, seven days a week.

Other services at the bus terminal Herceg Novi

The bus terminal Herceg Novi, apart from the already mentioned services, consists of a newly designed public toilet which is adapted just like the other objects at the terminal, for disabled people, a shop and a casino Volcano. The public toilet is available to everyone and it costs 0.50€. The Tobacco shop inside the terminal offers a variety of articles and products at affordable prices and secures passengers for the trip with everything needed. The working hours of the shop are from 8:00 AM – 10 PM during the winter season, and from 7 AM – 10 PM in the summer. It’s important to mention that there is a Western Union service at the terminal Herceg Novi. The terms of service: sending and receiving of the money is processed exclusively in euros and to use the service you need a valid identification document. The Western Union services are performed at the counter of the bus terminal in the period between 5 AM -12 PM, every day.